Saturday, 24 August 2013


This blog began to get its focus when I was driven from the leadership of a congregation, in the spring of 2006. It took a long time for me to be able to write anything with any clarity. (Meaning there were times, especially in the first months, when I could barely put two sentences together coherently — a long "come down" from the life of an award-wining journalist.)

On the other side, the fact that it has taken seven years to re-start any  significant writing is probably "a good thing," insofar as I have been able to take time and  think about things. 

I still believe that I hold a fairly orthodox Christian approach to life and faith. But my thinking has arisen out of serious questioning of what the Christian faith has become, in comparison to what Jesus taught, in both is speaking and his doing. A lot has been considered in that particular train of thought; I only understand a bit of it. But it seems to be centred in the long-understood differences between Jesus and Paul of Tarsus, and also in the differences in the gospels.

I was able, in the spring of 2012, to return to the work of pastor, which I can say I truly love. Subsequently, I have been asked to take on additional responsibilities, from time to time. 

There are some books which have influenced me significantly. They are listed in the "Reflective Reading"  page (below the header for this blog). I would encourage you to find and read these books. Some may be available in local libraries. 

One other thought. I have given some thought to taking this blog private. I have decided not to do that immediately. I'll give you fair warning if I make that decision.

Anyhow, that is the re-start of this blog.

Peace and joy, friends!



Though I normally use a Bear persona with my blogs, that will not be the case here. The "Bear Bio" note is gone. The writer is "Rob," who signed this post. Just so you know.

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