Wednesday, 22 April 2009


Fellow Blogger "Snowbrush" is a delightful person, who writes thoughtfully, passionately, and beautifully.

One of the challenges in his life is his relationship with God, about which he has been vocal. And I have no qualms about sharing his ideas with you.

As someone who is a Pastor by training and service, I encourage people to think reflectively about their lives, what is important to them, and why it is important.

The following is my reply to "Snowbrush's" writing on his relationship with God. Y0u can find it on his site, or you can simply read it here.

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This is a very provocative post. Provocative in the sense of thought-provoking.

I feel really happy for your grandfather. I feel really sad for your father. Having had to fight my own demons, even in my teens, I may understood something of your father's plight.

As for the rest, just about nothing resonates at all. I just don't get it. I suppose that's because I'm a Canadian, and live in a very different context than yours.

• "Respect" resonates.

• I wouldn't give John "a pass"

• I'm surprised that you said so little about the prophets of Israel with their demands for justice and compassion -- including the prophet Jesus.

• I'm a little concerned that you quote things out of context, and that you have missed the literary style in some of what you've been quoting.

• And I'm not sure that you recognize that people have tried to do good things, but used unhelpful methods, and rally messed things up.

I'm really touched by your comment that

"If you were to be marooned upon that proverbial desert island, what one book would you take? I would take the Bible. It’s long; it contains a lot of interesting stories; a good bit of poetry; some history; some wisdom; and it spans many cultures and centuries. I can’t say that I love the Bible, but I sure do like it a lot—I just wish that people didn’t take it so seriously."

Indeed, as you say, the Bible is both a book and a symbol. And it is essentially story -- story and mystery. But I would argue that most people don't take the Bible seriously enough.

I realize that you've got a chip on your shoulder when it comes to God. That's who you are, and I'm not about to try to change that -- because only you can make that change.

The older I get, the more questions I have, and the better answers I find. I hope you keep asking better questions and finding better answers.

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